Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Comparison


Pace Windows’ Lifetime Warranty is one of our company’s most important attributes. Our warranty doesn’t just cover our products, either. Pace Windows fully covers labor and installation, which means customers pay NOTHING if we have to come out for service.

Our warranty is the most comprehensive in the industry. See how we stack up against the competition below.

Pace Windows vs. The Other Companies
Item Pace Windows Competitors
Leaks and Drafts Covered Lifetime Typically Not
Vinyl Covered Lifetime Typically Not
Color Covered Lifetime Possibly
Installation Covered Lifetime NEVER
Glass Covered Lifetime Pro-Rated, If at all
Seals Covered Lifetime Pro-Rated, If at all
Parts Covered Lifetime Limited, If at all
Screens Covered Lifetime Never
Operation of Window Covered Lifetime Typically Not
Transferable Yes Yes, Only for a fee
Pro-Rated NO Typically
Colored Windows Covered Lifetime Never
Free Labor on all Service Covered Lifetime You’re going to pay for service work
Getting service 24 Hr Personal Assistance Leave a message after the tone, if they’re still in business

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