Buy Local

Why buy local?

Pace Windows and Doors is committed to supporting the New York State economy and how your home improvement purchase can give blood to the local economy.

Did you know that when you purchase Pace Windows, you’re helping to support hundreds of Local jobs?

Pace Windows and Doors Founder Steven Abramson believes that the tiniest stone dropped into a lake can create a significant ripple effect. That’s why he’s positioned his company to support not only his own employees, but to feed into USA component suppliers as well. Unique in its approach, Pace is making a statement with its sourcing choices, taking a stand in a competitive economy to keep business local.

Instead of outsourcing to keep costs down, Abramson selectively in-sources and trumpets the fact that Pace’s 100% percent made-in-USA window may be a little bit more expensive than competitors’, but buying the product could support on the order of 500 to 1,000 area families. “We offer the option,” he says. “Would you rather give your money to another country?”

“It’s a team effort that’s going to make a change for economic strength,” he says. “It’s not just the politicians’ job, or the consumers’ job, or the business owners’ job. We have to look at what we can all do together.”

The local angle seems to resonate with homeowners in a region where people generally do go out of their way to help a neighbor. “I do believe their focus on the business climate is appreciated in the area, where any good news about business is great news,” says David Polino, president of the Upstate New York Better Business Bureau.


Abramson founded Pace in 1985. A lifelong distance runner, he decided to name the company after the philosophy of pacing oneself to grow in a sustainable way. For his company, Abramson believes that success comes at the hands of ethics alone not profit, not extreme cost-cutting measures and not shortcuts. “Everything I believe in starts with being fair and ethical,” he says. “You have to have a philosophy of ethics with your partners, your customers, the people you work with. That’s how you win the game.”

His employees will vouch for him.

Portions of this article reprinted from Window & Door Magazine